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Hugh Frost - Planting Ideas Director

Hugh Frost – Director
Planting Ideas Ltd

Planting Ideas assists growers in sowing the right seeds in the right soils.

This is supported by sound technical experience and accompanied by further innovative products.

The primary focus is based around one of the most important plants in the human environment; grass together with associated forage and flowering plants, ensuring that goals can be achieved whatever the soil-type.

We supply a range of seeds and mixtures designed for different soil environments, based on customer situations, whilst at the same time provide an easy to follow method for soil analysis so that our customers have the ability to know their own soils characteristics and therefore be successful in establishing their required plants. Knowing your soil better.

Planting Ideas is all about the sowing of new concepts and innovative products, alongside the provision of the seeds, to ensure that they establish in a biologically sound and efficient production system.