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Consultancy Services
from Planting Ideas

  • Supporting companies with an expertise in crop production and associated plant science research & development
  • A wide breadth of experience, over a number of years in the agricultural, horticultural and amenity industries.
  • Strongly focused towards plant and soil biological systems and the integration of new and innovative product lines
  • Providing both technical knowledge and commercial expertise to assist businesses large and small to be profitable
  • Planting Ideas works with companies in a flexible manner, to successfully deliver bio-product sales in their market
  • A high level of experience and enthusiasm for delivering new & innovative products and concepts to end-users

Seeds and Planting Supplies
from Planting Ideas

  • All small seeds for agricultural leys, forage crops, environmental schemes, wildflower mixtures and sports turf and amenity mixes
  • Specifically aiming at getting the right seeds and plants for the right soils (and the right people)
  • Products have been biologically selected to fit the environmental conditions, minimising chemical requirements
  • Adopting a wildlife promotion approach to suit domestic, managed and natural surroundings
  • Dedicated and professional advice to guide all product choices through a decision-making process
  • Sourced from high quality and advanced breeders and suppliers, with reliable delivery and customer support