Expertise acquired, by Hugh Frost

The knowledge of plants and their soils that Planting Ideas ‘Expertise and Services’ is able to provide is largely derived from the diverse set of working roles that I’ve been fortunate to find myself in over the last 25 years.

From a farming background, I initially worked overseas in agricultural development for the first few years after my university degree.  At first in voluntary roles (VSO) in the South Pacific and East Africa, before acquiring an MSc in Tropical Crop Development, then returning to East Africa again as part of a government funded, plant science research and development project.

After a further government contract, based at Dept. Plant Sciences at Oxford, compiling data on invasive plant species worldwide, I embarked on UK-based roles for the subsequent few years.  Consciously, I gradually took on more commercial roles, predominantly in technical sales support for product manufacturers and seed breeders.  The first was a position within Pioneer Hi-Bred, orientated around increasing maize seed sales, both through distributor support and in-field variety trials.

Later commercial and agronomic positions that I held with Novozymes Biological were highly influential in driving my interest and dedication to bringing new biological products into conventional agricultural markets.  Further technical sales role within a UK distributorship re-enforced my experience that this is a challenging objective, but taught me that from bio-pesticides to bio-fertility and bio-stimulants, the opportunities are out there, needing to be exploited.

Through these roles and other interim posts, understanding soil management and plant production in a biological context is a thread that runs through them all and Planting Ideas capitalise on this knowledge, to deliver new ideas with modern approaches.