Soil is the foundation for success: Knowing your starting point


Five good reasons for knowing the character and qualities of your soil:

  1. Get the right seed types for the right soil, your soil, giving better seed establishment, more stress resilient plants and so longer plant life (saving money)
  2. Utilise the current soil qualities to their full potential and understand how best to manage that land in the future (further advice can be provided)
  3. Plan any future inputs required (eg agricultural fields needing to increase productivity through liming to raise the pH or nutrients), or indeed to be avoided.
  4. Bench mark your soil quality now, to monitor changes over time, allowing you to know what effect your management is having on the quality of your soil.
  5. Take control of your land; by knowing you have the knowledge of your own soils, therefore allowing you to choose a reliable and trusted supplier to give advice.